Is Your Vape Cartridge Under-Filled?

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By Alex Hildreth, Laboratory Director

Sanctuary Vape Cartridges

You get home with your new Sanctuary vape cartridge and open it, only to find that the oil level looks much lower than you thought it should be! What gives, is my vape cartridge under-filled with less oil than I paid for?

Rest assured all your tasty Liquid Shatter is there, it’s just inside the atomizer ready to be vaporized and enjoyed! Our ceramic concentrate coils are designed to absorb up to 30% or more of the oil placed in the cart. That means a cartridge initially filled up to the brim may appear less-than-full once the oil soaks in and primes the cartridge over a fairly short period of time. Our particular cartridges also tend to absorb even more oil than the other ceramic carts in that marketplace, which we find makes for bigger, tastier hits!

Our vape cart filling system utilizes an ultra-high precision pump system, the same type of high performance pump utilized in the pharmaceutical industry where extreme precision and accuracy are a must. This means that every cart filled contains virtually the exact same quantity of oil. So depending on how long ago the cartridge was filled, the temperature it was stored at, and how viscous the Liquid Shatter is (which varies based on the terpene and cannabinoid profile of the original plant), you may see variability in exactly how “full” your cartridge looks.