Guide to Canna-Tourism: Massachusetts

Cannabis Travel Guide

By Morgan Stabile

The best part of going on vacation is sampling the local flavors whether it be food, music, or cannabis. Since recreational legalization many tourists are adding a stop at a dispensary to their must-do-lists right alongside walking the freedom trail and visiting Fenway.  
Planning a trip to Massachusetts soon? Thinking about partaking in the local bud? Whether you’re an experienced stoner or a first time user it’s important to read up on local cannabis laws. Yes! Even if you’re coming from another legalized state. Because cannabis isn’t federally legal laws and regulations can vary from state to state.   
Don’t worry! You don’t have to read those boring legal documents. We did it for you and highlighted everything you need to know to safely enjoy the cannabis products Massachusetts have to offer.  

How do I get into cannabis store fronts?

There are currently multiple recreational stores throughout Massachusetts. Most noteworthy are Sanctuary’s stores in Brookline and Gardner. Before you can enter this curated weed wonderland you must be 21 years old.

In order to enter any dispensary you must provide a government issued photo ID. Such as a passport, driver’s license, military ID, or state ID.

Can I use my out of state medical card?

As of right now Massachusetts medical dispensaries are not accepting out of state medical cards. Don’t fret! You can still visit our recreational dispensaries, as long as  you’re 21.

Want to show us your med card? Go ahead! We’d love to see it, just make sure you bring another government issued ID. You will not be given access with just a medical card.

Where can I consume?

Now just because Mass has joined the ranks of rec states, doesn’t mean you can spark up your newly bought pre-roll on the street. Public consumption is illegal, but you can consume on private property with permission from the owner.   
Here is a 420-friendly stay near our Brookline location; check out Bud and Breakfast or Pot Guide for other cannabis friendly lodging options throughout Massachusetts.  
Irving House at Harvard: located at 24 Irving St in Cambridge, here is a strict no smoking policy indoors but you can take a nice puff and stroll outside on the grounds, or just stick to edibles.  
Other than hotels there are a few cannabis friendly lounges up and running. Summit Lounge, located at 116 Water St. in Worcester. This premier private club provides a stigma-free environment for weed lovers to come together, socialize, and have fun. The lounge sells CBD products, pipes, bongs, and other devices but does not offer THC products. So be sure to BYOBud.  

How much can I buy?

How much you can buy depends on the product. The legal limit for recreational possession is 1oz of flower, 500mg of edibles, or 5g of concentrates.  
This doesn’t mean you have to buy one product at a time. You can mix and match! Our registered agents can help you select the right products for you while staying in the 
legal purchasing and possession limit.  
Trying to figure out which products will work for you? Check out our other article Smoking Cannabis Vs. Eating Cannabis.

Can I bring home souvenirs?

Find your new favorite strain? Or edibles you’ve never tasted before on your trip? Wanna bring a little home to share with your friends? Bring your friends to the product. Don’t bring the product to them. 
Whether it be flown or driven cannabis can not be transported across state lines. Even if  you are returning to another legalized state you can not travel with cannabis because it is still federally illegal.  
If you’ve fallen in love with Mass’s local flavor of flower you will just have to come backand visit us again.

How can I visit Sanctuary?

Currently Sanctuary has two recreational dispensaries:  
BrooklineLocated at 1351 Beacon Street in Brookline. Accessible by public transit both by bus and train. Parking on site in a lot behind the building off of Webster street.  
Due to Covid: Must order ahead online. Only the person whose name is on the order may enter the store. Masks are required to enter the building.  
GardnerLocated at 16 Pearson Blvd in Gardner. 30-40 minute drive from the Worcester Regional Airport. Large Parking lot on site.  
Due to CovidOrder a head is not required but highly encouraged. Currently offering  full service. Masks are required to enter the building.