Sanctuary in the News

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Author: Jackie Abner

 Thrillist names Sanctuary as one of the best dispensaries in Massachusetts! Full article:

Distance from Boston: Twenty minutes to Woburn, 30 minutes to DanversBest Dispensary in Mass
Of course you want your weed to be organic. At least, you do if you’ve made your way to Sanctuary, which prides

itself on the high-quality cultivation of its products. It sells a variety of flower and pre-rolls, plus vape cartridges and a dash of concentrates. Among the edibles are watermelon fruit chews and butterscotch lozenges, but we’re betting you’re going straight for the peanut butter cookies.

How it works right now: Both medical dispensaries are available for in-store shopping.

Nearby natural high: Dunn State Park includes hiking trails and a new bike trail, both well-suited to outdoor social distancing.