Crumble & Sauce
An Overview

  • Jun 17, 2020

Our sauce and crumble start with raw extract from high-quality plant material. This raw extract is winterized at extremely cold temperatures twice over to remove all residual plant waxes and fats, making for a much cleaner dab experience. The winterized solution is passed through charcoal to remove further impurities, concentrated, and then crystallized. Depending both on the exact crystallization conditions as well as the properties of the particular strain itself,  we will obtain either a solid mass of Crumble crystals or a looser Sauce. Finally, the crumble or sauce is purged of residual solvent under vacuum, packaged, and sent off to our dispensaries!


By utilizing this process, the terpenes (flavors and aromas) are isolated and contained in the product. Individuals who want a terpene-rich concentrate and are a concentrate novice will usually seek out the quality sauce. Sauce can also be easier to dab with for a novice due to the viscosity.

PROS: Terpene rich, high in THC and packs a flavorful punch.

CONS: For individuals without dabbing tools or individuals who are new to concentrates, this concentrate can be difficult to work with.


Crumble is a consumer favorite due to its versatility. Crumble is known to be one of the driest types of extract, allowing it to easily be dabbed or “crumbled” on a bowl or in a joint along with flower. Because crumble is so easy to work with, many amateur consumers prefer this type of concentrate.

PROS: Terpene rich, high in THC, and easy to use from beginners to novices! Easy to dose and no dab tool needed.

CONS: Due to the consistency, it may not stick to a dab tool as easily as other concentrates.