Step Into the Future of Concentrates With DABado DabTabs

  • By Jake May
  • Aug 6, 2021
Whether you’re an experienced dabber or still unsure if it’s the right method for you, Sanctuary’s’ new DABado DabTabs are a great entry point into the world of marijuana concentrates. Manufactured in the U.S. from U.S.-sourced raw materials, DabTabs are a clean, portable product sure to please all from concentrate enthusiasts to those still on the fence.

What is a “DabTab?”

DabTabs are made with a clean, non-leaching, porous ceramic similar to those used in drinking water filtration systems. Sourced and manufactured in the U.S. by ilo Research, the tabs are engineered to hold 50 milligrams of concentrate apiece. Each of our DABado tabs is loaded with 50mg of Sanctuary’s full-spectrum Liquid Shatter cannabis oil. “Full spectrum” means the concentrate retains the full, unaltered range of desired compounds from the original plant. By putting high quality Crumble, Shatter and Sauce through our proprietary decarboxylation method, we transform the crystalized THC-A in our concentrate into liquid THC while retaining the full original terpene and cannabinoid profiles.

Our patients and customers have been enjoying Liquid Shatter in our vape carts for many years, and we are excited to offer the same high-quality, natural, full-spectrum concentrate experience in our new DABado DabTabs. There are no additives or alterations to the terpene profiles—just clean, high-quality concentrate!

What type of user is this for, and what can I expect? 

For experienced concentrate consumers, DabTabs are great for those occasions when you’d like to dab but may be on the go or without your rig. For beginners or those still unsure about diving head-first into concentrates, DabTabs can help bridge the gap by offering the concentrate experience in a clean, easy, portable, familiar form. 

Since you’re vaporizing the concentrate directly out of the tab, DabTabs deliver the same clean, cerebral high you’d expect from Crumble, Sauce or any of our other full-spectrum concentrates. 

What makes DabTabs special or unique?

DabTabs are one of the only pre-dosed concentrates of its kind, a change of pace from more variable, traditional concentrates. Its portability and compatibility with a variety of small, electronic vaping devices make it a great option for taking your concentrates to go. There’s no mess or stickiness that comes with traditional concentrates. With its unique look and indirect heating design that offsets torching and encourages clean vaporization out of the ceramic, DabTabs are a smooth, simple option for concentrate users of all stripes. 

How do I use the DabTabs? 

There are a number of straightforward options for enjoying DabTabs. For consumers who have their own traditional dab rigs with a flat heating surface, the tabs can be easily vaporized in your setup. Cold starting your rig is highly recommended for the best experience, and the tab will darken as you vaporize the concentrate, making it easy to tell when it’s time to load up a fresh one!

For patients and consumers who prefer vaping or on-the-go use, there are several devices that accommodate the tabs. ilo offers several options specifically designed to hold their product. For a low-cost starter option, the Go is a slim, classic 510-style battery with a small heating chamber designed around the tabs. You can also take the next step up to the Vari, which is designed to handle both DabTabs and other traditional concentrates. It features an extremely precise, digitized controller that delivers the exact amount of heat needed to produce that perfect, tasty dab each and every session.

Additionally, the Puffco Peak is a fantastic option for vaporizing your DabTabs as well. We recommend the medium heat setting for huge, full-flavored clouds. There are a number of other electronic dab solutions that work with DabTabs, so if you’re unsure whether you’ve got the right stuff, our staff are happy to answer any questions about compatibility and use with your existing rigs and vapes. 


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