Leo Cannascope


Gemini Cannascope Author: Jacqueline Abner LEO Cannascope: This month will bring multiple disagreements into your environment, Leo. It will feel as though people are purposely trying to pick fights with you, and deliberately trying to make you angry. Keep a level head and stay cool under pressure with Sanctuary’s strain of the month, Tangerine Cookies: [...]

Leo Cannascope2020-08-03T16:21:26+00:00

Gemini Cannascope


Gemini Cannascope Author: Jackie Abner Sanctuary's Clairvoyant Ops department (not a real thing) is excited to introduce Cannascopes, and we're starting with the most troublesome Zodiac sign! (Just kidding Geminis...kind of.) ūüĒģ Gemini Cannascope: Have no doubt, let it out! This month you will have zero fear in broaching that once sore subject, and you [...]

Gemini Cannascope2020-06-19T13:47:55+00:00
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