Happy Birthday Bob Marley!

  • Feb 6, 2021

By Morgan Stabile, Sanctuary Brookline

Herb is the healing of the nation…”  – Bob Marley

Happy Birthday to Jamaican musician and cannabis culture icon Bob Marley (Robert Nest Marley), who would have been 76 years old today.

Marley, who was Rastafarian, is often associated with cannabis. However, what’s lesser-known is that in the Rastafarian religion, cannabis is viewed as a spiritual tool, used to assist in meditation and more. Marley, who did not view cannabis casually, is described as “a staunch supporter of the plant’s meditational, spiritual and healing abilities, and a fierce opponent to those (political forces) who tried using marijuana as a vehicle for oppression, and to keep certain groups of people out of the societal mainstream.” (It’s also important to note that not all Rastas use cannabis.)

We are grateful to Marley for his musical legacy and impact on the world. If you have the time put on a Marley playlist and spark up a pre-roll in his honor. What’s your go-to Canna-Jam? Do you have a playlist dedicated to sparking up?