Infused Minis: The Powerful, Puny Pre-Roll!

  • Aug 13, 2021

Perfect for quick walks, small pockets and those occasions when sharing might not be on the agenda, our Infused Mini PRJs prove that mini and mighty can go hand-in-hand. Adapted from our Sky Rocket crumble-infused pre-rolls, its more diminutive cousin showcases the same premium Sanctuary flower blended with our renowned Crumble, delivering a memorable PRJ experience at the 0.25g size.

We begin by selecting batches of choice flower and finely crafted concentrate that compliment each other in effect and flavor profile. The crumble is finely milled into a powder and precisely blended with the flower to create a uniform consistency. The result is a heady, smooth toke loaded with bold concentrate flavor. And for those thinking, “there’s no way this is enough,” these little guys pack all the punch of larger, uninfused joints twice or even three times their size. Check out our menu for an updated selection and to order your Infused Mini PRJs today!