Your Bowl’s Best Buds: Introducing Sanctuary’s Live Cured Bud!

  • By Jake May
  • Jan 13, 2022

Bringing something a little different to the table for consumers and patients who love nothing more than packing a bowl, Sanctuary is excited to debut our Live Cured Bud here in the Massachusetts market. Created by our outstanding lab team, Live Cured Bud differs from traditional flower thanks to an ingenious alteration to the plant’s curing process.

To create Live Cured Bud, we harvest the best flower from select strains grown in-house. Immediately after harvest, the buds are rapidly frozen and cryogenically cured to preserve as many of the fresh, live terpenes as possible. That’s where the phrase “live cured” originates; the finely-tuned lyophilization process retains as many key plant attributes as possible at the point of harvest, which in turn helps the bud better retain its original structure and shape. This also delivers a fresher taste at consumption. The result, once taken home and ground up, is a bit stickier and softer than traditional ground flower. Users have reported an experience somewhere between that of taking a dab and smoking traditional flower. 

The consistency of ground Live Cured Bud best lends itself to consumption in pipes and bongs because it’s easy to achieve an even, tight bowl pack. Once exposed to flame, the flower will burn quickly but smoothly, producing dense, sizable clouds that can be inhaled with ease. Water-filtered pipes and bongs are best, but you can achieve the same results with a smaller bowl, one-hitter or chillum. The qualities that make Live Cured Bud ideal for bong rips also give it great efficacy when consumed using dry herb vaporizers.

Live Cured Bud is now available at all Sanctuary locations in Massachusetts. If you’re looking to switch up your flower game or still trying to find the perfect flower for your dream bowl, stop by Sanctuary and ask our budtenders about Live Cured Bud!

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