Simple But Effective: The Guide to Tinctures & Capsules

  • By Jake May
  • Nov 17, 2021

Though not top-of-mind for many cannabis consumers and patients, tinctures and capsules are easily dosed, discreet, tried-and-true methods of consumption. As with many of Sanctuary’s top sellers, the cornerstone is our Liquid Shatter oil, which allows us to create a variety of true full-spectrum products including tinctures and capsules. Keep reading for more info on how these items are made, what makes Sanctuary’s unique and your options for strains and strengths.

What makes Sanctuary tinctures and capsules special?

Similar to our topicals and vape carts, the base for both product categories is premium Liquid Shatter cannabis oil. Through a proprietary process refined by the lab team, our top-notch crumbles, shatters and sauces are decarboxylated in a manner that retains the original terpene and cannabinoid profile of the plant. The result is a psychoactive, liquid THC cannabis oil unadulterated by additives and ready for a variety of uses. 

That very same full-spectrum experience you might have enjoyed in our vape carts or topicals is present in our tinctures and capsules as well. Since consumption of both products occurs orally, it’s vital to us that the Liquid Shatter oil remain untouched by additional terpenes, cutting agents or other additives. Thanks to our in-house decarb process, the solid, non-psychoactive THC-A crystals used as the base are easily transformed into high-quality, full-spectrum, psychoactive THC oil ready for a variety of uses. 

How are tinctures and capsules made? 

Once the Liquid Shatter oil is created, the remaining pieces of the puzzle fall into place quickly. For tinctures, we use MCT oil, a widely-consumed product made from medium-chain triglycerides (hence the acronym). Sold as a stand-alone item or in conjunction with LCT (long-chain triglyceride) oil, MCT is derived from coconut oil. Flavorless, odorless and easier to digest than other fats because of its smaller size, MCT is the perfect companion for the Liquid Shatter oil–no funkiness, flavors or off-putting scents to worry about. 

As for the capsules, the Liquid Shatter oil is deposited into a vegan-friendly, easily digestible cellulose casing. That’s all there is to it! Thanks to their simplicity and lack of a lengthy ingredients list, our tinctures and capsules are great “edible” options for those with food allergies or dietary restrictions, or for anyone looking to easily consume pure, full-spectrum cannabis extract without the additional adulterants often found in other tincture and capsule products. 

What are my options within those product categories? 

Since we use a variety of strains grown in-house to create batches of Liquid Shatter oil, we have several options for users of all stripes. We carry 15ml and 30ml vials of sativa, indica and CBD tincture for adult-use consumers. Additionally, we offer extra-strength CBD tinctures. On the capsule side, the options follow the same pattern. For medicinal patients, we offer extra-strength indica, sativa and CBD capsules for those seeking a stronger effect or more relief. 

As for dosing, tinctures come with an eye dropper and contain 10mg of THC per milliliter. For the capsules, we sell 10 and 20 packs with each dose containing roughly 5mg of THC/CBD on the adult-use side and up to 20mg on the medicinal side. 

How can I consume these products? 

If you want to keep it simple, basic ingestion is the way to go. There’s no need to leave the tincture under your tongue; it will be absorbed like an edible through digestion. On the capsule side, the procedure is the same, but a sip of your preferred beverage will help wash it down. As with all edibles, eating or drinking something with fat in it can help the absorption process occur more quickly.

That said, you can get culinary with the tinctures! Thanks to the odorless, flavorless nature of the oil, it functions similarly to other cooking oils when folded into food. The two brief caveats here would be no searing on high heat (it’ll burn) and to be sure to include it with another fatty ingredient (for example, mix it with your milk or cream, then add to the coffee). Aside from that, tinctures are a great way to infuse any dish with a little slice of Sanctuary. Combining it with melted butter is another popular avenue, as is the addition of a couple drops to the cocktail of your choice. If you have any culinary breakthroughs with our tinctures, be sure to let us know! Remember, start small and only add a couple drops at a time to ensure you are dosing responsibly.  

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